Fewer things are more satisfying than owning a home. That said, you must make time to maintain your property properly to bring out its best. Here are five essential home maintenance tasks that help protect your home and your investment in it.

  1. Clean Your Gutters

Gutters easily become clogged because you likely do not peek inside them every time you look at your home’s exterior, making it easy to forget them. Get into the habit of inspecting your gutters, fascia and soffits every fall and spring for accumulated branches, leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters can lead to rotting, leaks, mold and other expensive issues that you can avoid by keeping everything cleaned and cleared.

  1. Test Your Sump Pump

Test your sump pump at least twice a year to ensure it is in proper working order. The cable attached to the pump float may become tangled, which can lead to flooding. Having a vertical float switch can help you avoid a watery disaster, but check the other components of the sump pump, too. Pouring water into the basin gives you a good idea of whether you have a problem to address.

  1. Inspect Your HVAC System

Do not wait until you have an issue with your heating or air conditioner before you check your system. Regular maintenance helps save money and allows your system to operate at optimum performance during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

  1. Get Ahead of Pest Problems 

If you notice ants, mice, beetles or any other pests in or around your property, contact a professional exterminator immediately. What may seem like a minor issue could be a full-blown infestation that you cannot see. Left unchecked, pests can lead to health problems, structural damage and more. Depending on the pest, over-the-counter remedies may not be enough to fully address the problem.

Spend a bit of time and money on maintaining your residence. Your future self is sure to thank you.

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