Do Ceiling Fans Actually Cool Your Home?

One myth about saving energy is the belief that installing a ceiling fan will lower the temperature of a room. While ceiling fans are a great way to save on energy costs, it’s not because running them will actually cause the temperature to drop. Ceiling fans can help you feel more comfortable by keeping the…


Choose the Right Bulb for the Perfect Glow

The lighting in your home can transform the look and feel of any space. One of the easiest DIY home improvement ideas that can instantly update a room is switching out your current light bulbs. While white light can certainly help things appear fresh and bright, it can also create an atmosphere that feels a…


Add a Splash of Green to Your Home Decor

To give any room a quick and instant lift, consider adding some simple houseplants to your decor. The bright pop of green is often the perfect finishing touch that helps bring natural beauty and life to your home. If you haven’t had too much luck with indoor or outdoor plants in the past, don’t worry;…


Energy Saving Myths: Turning Off Your Appliances

If saving money on your energy bill is the goal, then it’s important to dispel all of the energy-saving myths. One big myth about saving energy is that turning a device off will save on electricity costs. Here is what you need to know about turning your appliances off. Vampire Electricity Use A lot of…


How To Document Electrical Work in Your Home

It is incredibly exciting to see your new house progress to the next stage of construction, but it is still important to properly take note of your underlying home electrical and lighting plan, as it will be difficult to locate later. It is a good idea to take the time to snap some photos of…


The Importance of Entry and Exit Light Switches

Put Switches at Each Entry or Exit Spot It is worth mentioning that, when drafting your home electrical and lighting plan, you should consider adding light switches at each entry and exit location; doing so will make it easy to brighten both the interior and exterior of your home. Some entry and exit places include…


The Bell Need Not Always Toll

There is a more secure way to prevent a doorbell from waking you or your children than placing a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. You can include an on/off switch in your home electrical and lighting plan to give you a higher degree of control. This lets you regulate noise during naptime or…