Built-In Vacuum Dustpan

In homes that have hardwood, vinyl, tile, or another type of  uncarpeted flooring, having vacuum dustpans installed in baseboards are home electrical upgrades that make cleanup quick and easy. Instead of dragging out your vacuum and attachments or bending over with a real dustpan, these modern marvels allow you to suck any dust, dirt, and…


How To Get the Most From a Home Inspection

Home inspections give you a lot of important information about your potential new home. Even if a structure looks clean and neat inside and out, you would not know everything about it until you were living in it. So take advantage of an inspection and get the most from it. Document the Inspection Check with…


Brighten Up Dark Places

A bright light can make even the more shadowy places in your home feel safe and inviting. Normally, venturing into the attic or the basement can seem a bit eerie, but this no longer has to be the case with the right home electrical upgrades. Specifically, it is wise to ask your electrician to install…


Can You Test for Radon Yourself?

As a homeowner, you want your house to be a safe place for everyone who occupies it. If you have recently moved in, are thinking of selling or are just curious about your radon level, a radon test is the only way to get answers. The good news about radon testing is that you can…