Don’t Change the Thermostat to Reduce Energy

Everyone loves the feeling of seeing the energy bill go down. While there are ways to reduce your electrical bill, you never have to be uncomfortable. One myth about saving energy is that you should always turn the thermostat down at night or when you are not home. You may not have to go through…


Enhance Your Home With Mirrors

Do you want your home to feel more spacious and brighter? One of the simplest DIY home improvement ideas is to enhance a room with some perfectly placed mirrors. When positioned correctly, mirrors can help a room appear larger and more open, creating the illusion of extra space without requiring a major remodeling project. In…


Health Effects of Radon

One of the top radon myths out there is that the radioactive gas is not dangerous. If not addressed, radon can cause lung cancer with long-term exposure. There are a variety of institutions refuting the claim that low doses of radon are not dangerous. The Environmental Protection Agency states that the gas is a health…


DIY Home Improvement: Organize Your Closet

If you’re ready for a new look for your home, you don’t have to wait until you have the time or money for a major renovation project. There are smaller, inexpensive projects that you can use to refresh your house. One of these DIY home improvement ideas involves increasing your closet space. Clean and Organize…


Give Your Furniture a Much-Needed Makeover

If you want to update your home while sticking to a budget, DIY home improvement ideas can help you transform your furniture while saving you serious cash. Instead of shopping for new items, give your existing pieces some extra love and you can create a beautiful finished product that looks and feels brand new. Painting…


Does Hand-Washing Your Dishes Save Energy?

Dishwashers make life much easier by removing most of the time and effort from an everyday chore. However, these appliances do require electricity and can run for hours; are they really the best choice? One myth about saving energy is that it’s better for the environment and your energy bills if you hand-wash your dishes…


Improve Your Outdoor Living Area With Path Lighting

Create a unique outdoor living area with outdoor lighting. Whether you choose energy-efficient options or go completely solar, iconic lights can light your way around your patio, walkway or porch. This can be one of the most convenient electrical updates for your yard. Late-Night Safety Lighting allows you to see your way to your backyard…


Clean and Repair the Roof

Your house’s roof is one of its first lines of defense against precipitation and strong winds. Because it faces such harsh weather conditions, it is critical that you take time to look it over during your home maintenance in March. Climbing up on the roof can be dangerous, so it is a good idea to…