Radon Levels: Basement vs. Main Floor

Having your radon test performed in a rarely-used or unfinished basement may not present accurate results for the entire home. Oftentimes, the main living area of the home is tightly sealed with plastic covered insulation which can easily trap air. The ability for air to move more freely in the basement may show lower levels…


Get the Lint Out

Laundry dryers are convenient, but in return, they require maintenance. Clean the dryer vent regularly. Dirty, lint-filled vents make your dryer work harder, causing appliance wear and bringing higher energy costs. Vents filled with lint also pose a fire hazard. Extended drying times and noticeable odors are indications your dryer vent needs cleaning. How To…


Get the Biggest Benefit From a Home Inspection

A home inspection tells you much about the house you are considering buying. Inspectors are trained to notice things others might miss. Get the most benefit from a home inspection by paying attention to something many might gloss over. Study the Roof The roof of a building determines the condition of everything underneath. Replacing a…