Pre-listing Home Inspection Service Tampa

While a house inspection is a necessary step in the home buying process, you can use this time to your advantage. An inspector will show you important details about your potential new home — knowledge that can save you headaches later. The water heater is one such element.

Overall Condition

Accompany the inspector on her or his rounds, and specifically ask about the water heater. Ask for an assessment of its general condition. Find out when it was last serviced, and get an idea of its general upkeep. Replacing a water heater can be costly and requires labor and sometimes plumbing alterations, so this detail is important when you are negotiating the purchase price.

A home inspection is a rich source of information for you. Take advantage of the inspector’s knowledge and experience to discover important details about the structure, such as the water heater. Such information can pay off big in years to come.

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